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Topic: Household AC Dimmer - before or after a Solid State Relay? (Read 876 times) previous topic - next topic



I've have 4 sets of lights controlled by 4 solid state relays. I'd like to dim them all with one standard household AC dimmer.

Ideally, I'd wire this dimmer inline before the AC power reached the relays. However, I'm not sure this is healthy for the relays. Does anyone have a definitive answer on this?

Otherwise, I could place four separate dimmers after each of the relays in the circuit, but this is more expensive, awkward, and would make hit harder to get them all dimmed at the same level.

So, can I place the dimmer in front of the SSRs with no consequence?

Thanks for your time!


I would say yes, you can.  All the dimmer would do would change the voltage of the input which would not affect the relay.

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