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I'm new to arduino, but managed to get working 2 project for now.
And i need some help (advise) with my second project to make it better.
Well my setub is:
Arduino Uno
Continious rotation servo.
IR Reciver.
My Code is working like this: When i hit a button on a remote - Arduino spins the servo in one direction for perion of time delay(5000);
(but i have writen it for now without delay() ). Well but what i need is:
When the servo spins in one direction and when the servo reaches certain momentum it will automaticly stop.
(I Bertter explain where i plan to use it. Well it's going to be a rollup curtain. I want th make that when the servo spins the curtain up and the curtain is fully up, the motors will stop automaticly.)
Is it possible to monitor servo pin voltage, because i know that when moto gets some limiters (cant move anymore) there will be a power peak. If i could monitor that, i could be able to code it to stop the motor.

Thnx for any help. I know how to do it with sensors, but as less hardware as possible is better.


Yes, use a low side current sense resisitor, amplify with an op amp and read with the ADC...

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