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I have a Futaba NA202MD13AA vacuum fluorescent display module. IT is a nice big 2x20 display, available quite cheaply...it would be fantastic to get these working with Arduino.

According to some info I dug up on the net, this is a custom unit made for NCR by Futaba. As a result, there is no official programming info I can find out there for it. All of the Futaba docs I can find all refer to modules with high-level serial or parallel interfaces.

According to what I can find, however, you basically need to bit-bang the raw bits into the display and then keep scanning to get it to display. Aside from the Vcc and Ground pins, there is a clock, data, and enable pin.

I've written some code, but so far have been unable to get anything to show up.

Does anybody have experience or some example code on how to talk to similar devices?




--> http://wiki.ovccorp.com/index.php?pagename=Futaba%20NA202MD13AA


Yep, that's where I got most of the info I have. The other info I have is from the Oki MSC1162A spec sheet, which is the primary driver chip on the board.

However the stuff at the OVC site is very high level, and the code is only available as a hex file for PIC controllers. I have no PIC hardware or software, so I have been unable to make use of the code.

Thanks, though!


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