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I just took apart a vcr and salvaged a ton of through hole IC chips.  I found 2 Bridge drivers (TA 7288P and TA7267P) .  The problem I am having is I cant seem to find a good place to look up what these chips are.  Its a Toshiba VCR and almost all the chips are Toshiba as well.

I have looked a lot of places but am running out of patience with google and a million results that are not actually results (from the numerous datasheet sites that dont have a result yet still come back with a 'match')

I have a bunch of TA86xxx chips.  TA8619P, TA8607P, TA8609P, TA8611AN are examples. 

Anyone know a good resource for looking up discontinued part datasheets?  Seems like there are plenty of places willing to sell me one of these but none of them want to tell me what it is.


I've had an issue before looking for datasheets on old japanese devices - stuff that was made before datasheets were routinely put online is quite hard to find online(!), and a lot of japanese electronics industry devices were home-market only I believe, so you may need to learn japanese if you do find a source of information.  Its worth looking for old manufacturer's catalogues from the years in question (chips have a 4 digit date code usually, YYWW, YY is year, WW is the week number) as they may have summary information.

A repair manual for that model VCR might have some useful information too (circuit diagram for instance).
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Try This one, It's the one I use :http://www.datasheetcatalog.com. And I tested it ... Too. Use the blank plain entry box...
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Hi,   did you manage to find the datasheets you were looking for,
I found them on digchip.com

regards   john

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