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How is this working to you eludes me. Cause A pins are only inputs, no outputs. There is no way to Arduino UNO to set those as outputs. At least It is compiling to you. And the sound you mentioned, should be the same pitch audio tone I got.


Jul 13, 2012, 07:21 pm Last Edit: Jul 13, 2012, 07:23 pm by onesky Reason: 1
i tested other wav files lower quality and it works fine. Now i must understand the exact max quality wav format.

where did u read that analog pins can be only input?
with these commands they work as output

pinMode(clockPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(dataPin, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(resetPin, OUTPUT);

i confirm also that the 5volts soldered pin works fine too.


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According to the manual: Sampling rate from 6KHz 16KHz for WAV voice format

Just read Arduino UNO specs and they are labeled as analog inputs. Did not know they could be used as outputs. Makes sense If working for you and did not get any compilation or run-time error.

What about the busy light indicator?

PS: Good to know about the 5V, cause will solve a lot of problems for me too.


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according to ebay description
"can play WAV/AD4 format 6K ~ 32K sampling rate of audio, comparable to 44KHz sound quality MP3 format;"

but the manual and ebay dont say the bit rate, just the KHz

the busy led of arduino blinks 3 or 4 times then stop.

you can test the audio board if it's working connecting a led to the Pin16_VDD (+) and Pin15_P06 (-)

i attached the wav file that worked on mine, i still have to find out the right format


I really appreciate your time. So, were you able to test "test" ad4 files from Somo website? Or they did not work for you and you created that wav file? And about the bit rate, I do believe than conversion tool will take care of that right? I did not use it yet.

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