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Pls don't use 5 V ,it will destory our module directly ,maybe when you use for a while.the main chip of WTV020-SD module maximum voltage is 3.6V,so work voltage can not beyond 3.6V.

then why on the board there is a pin switch 5v - 3.3v?


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Did work. It was my fault. I forget to read the manual and connect to 5v the Shutdown pin. Works like a charm. Now, I will write a library to control the volume. Keep you posted guys.

are you sure that the Shut Down pin has to be connected to the arduino 5volts?

this is what datasheet says:
In order to reduce power consumption while not in use, the PAM8803 contains shutdown circuitry that is used to turn off the amplifier's bias

circuitry. This shutdown feature turns the amplifier off when logic low is placed on the SHDN pin. By switching the SHDN pin connected to GND,

the PAM8803 supply current draw will be minimized in idle mode. The SHDN pin cannot be left floating due to the pull-down internal.

it means, if i am not wrong, that we can shut down the ampli when not in use simply connecting the shutdown pin to a digital pin of Arduino and then set the signal to LOW.


I may post in the wrong topic but anyway, I need to be sure.

This module do play .wav files (16bits, 44,1 Khz) ?


I am trying to get this one () to work with my Arduino
I am using the sandisk 4GB micro SD card.  The light comes and goes.  It looks like it is doing something.  I ordered a 1GB SD card.  I should probably get it in a month

In case I can get one working, what will I need to do to get 3 working at the same time so that I can play 3 sounds at the same time?  I will be using the Teensy 3 at 96Mhz so I will have alot more speed available if that is an issue.  Will I have to use 4 pins for each module?  It almost looks like I might be able to share at least the reset pin for each module so then I will have to use 3 pins per extra module.  Does that sound about right?


Is this module can play .wav files (16bits, 44,1 Khz) ?

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