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Tried your very same code, modifying the pins #s, and your WAV files and nothing. Same erratic behavior. At this point I believe the module is not working or the sd card is not being read. Were you able to try my code?


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no i didnt try. Did u format the card in FAT ? did you try the same arduino pins of my code? they are pwm.

i can suggest you to test the connections between the breadboard pins and the arduino with a tester


Actually formatted them twice. With Windows and Linux in FAT16. Will try all over again and tell you.


read also comments and links here:

i will try to add resistors on analog pins, even if are equipped with pullup resistors


Pullup resistors

The analog pins also have pullup resistors, which work identically to pullup resistors on the digital pins. They are enabled by issuing a command such as

digitalWrite(A0, HIGH);  // set pullup on analog pin 0


No luck here, even using same pins as you did. :~

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