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I meant that you have to provide the uSD card. So 6 dollars + uSD card. That's the cost.


ahh.. got it!  :)

(plus Arduino cost).. 

I think its awesome either way....  $6.00 is great!

I'll need some help tearing apart the WaveHC lib and the demo/examples on Adafruit soon..  to see about a seamless loop possibility..

as well as an 'auto fire' type playing.. if the button is pressed, and held..etc..etc..

(not so good at C code yet..LOL)



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hello everybody.

I'm french and I'm sorry because my english is very bad.

I need your help: i have the same module. I want to connect to +5V.

My project: use the basicstamp to control this module with the Two-line serial control mode.

i want try this module. In the first time, just with button connect to P2,P3,P4,P5 and P6 is the pin busy.

What is the schematic? What is the audio format with this schematic?

I have a sd cart 8go  but i format this: FAT16 and 990Mo. Is not a problem?

Thank you.


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This is the connection diagram:

I really encourage you to put a LED, cause It will be very useful to know If the module is working on not. About the micro SD card, the only one I got working was a Sandisk 1gb. Don't know about other brands. Since there are no lights to indicate that the module is reading the card, you will have to check that using the Busy LED. If after reset the module, the LED blinks and turn off, sd card was OK. IF you see the busy LED turned on for a while, your SD card was not that lucky and means you will have to replace it. Hope this helps. About 5v Vcc, you can put two diodes 4007 in serial or change the soldered pin from 3.3 to 5.

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