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Hey, don't give up. Today got a second audio module and this one really works. My first one was defective. wow, got all the possible defects and got the correct source code to make it work after all. Anyway. Already asked for a replacement for the first one. eBay vendor will honor this word and will send me another one.

From the photos I see that your audio module is older than ours. Mine is version 1.5 released this year. Yours is version 1.3? 1.4? anyway, I don't think they can be setup both ways, serial or key mode. That will explain you can not get serial mode to work.

PS: Tested all the micro sd cards again and fake Kingstone still don't work, but genuine one and two Sandisk do.


I do not understand, because the module through key ta touching the 0006.ad4 0000.ad4 files but not play through the serial. and I've tried all the examples and modifying of all forms. neither I nor the seller who is now my friend can do this work through the serial module. only remains for me to try to use the brand Sandisk 1gb microsd. I will buy this one for testing.

Ps: through key works with any brand 512MB to 4GB. I believe that your work too well. mine is version 1.4 - 2008


Hey, read my words: These modules can't work both ways. Only SOMO14d and SoundOut Audio Module can do that. Your module is working just fine. If you want to control via serial mode, you will have to buy a new one. Try the seller OneSky listed in the first post.


then this one is not useless, because a mp3player is much cheaper and more functional than the one I bought. thank you by force.

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