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is not something that enters my head. vendors and datasheet say that the module accepts serial. and now?


friend. My module is the same and the same somo14d. what happens is that the chip has somo14d shaved, but the same WTV020 see this:


all use the same chip, the same form of serial data transmission. you're putting your files 0000.ad4 0001.ad4 ... ? you're putting in the root of the microsd? formatted with fat? you have to compress the files that you use your card and send me? my email is: wanderlg@gmail.com
thanks for the help.


I am well aware that our generic module shares the same IC than SOMO14 and that compliant one. BUT, I am pretty sure they modify it somehow to support both control modes. Will test mine right away in mp3 key mode to make sure only works in serial mode. Keep you posted. BTW, I updated the library adding new features.


You were absolutely right. Mine works in key mode and serial mode. Nevertheless, the seller assured me this was serial-control mode only. Now makes sense for me SOMO14 dual functionality. I can confirm that V 1.5 could work both ways. Not pretty sure about previous versions of this audio module. Tested play, pin 9 to ground, and next, pin 13 to ground. Both worked out just fine. Did try this mode the first time, but since my first sd card was not working, never tried it again. Thanks to you to make me back to test this mode.


I do not compriendi. with a module you were stopped, as tested and not operated in serial mode, but now he works as a key? is it? you're with a module that is working just the way key? microsd tested with another brand? My module works with any brand.

friend, you realized that I do not know any English, right? I use google translator. I'm in Brazil. to understand what the google translate this?

ps: I will not stop my tests until the module has burned or run.  :D kkkkkk. it has to work, I'll redo this module as the module soundout

you have to compress and send me the data from your memory card?

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