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I am using an Uno to program an ATtiny45 microcontroller.  The goal of my project is to read values from a gas sensor. Now that I have successfully programmed the ATtiny with codes that blink LEDs and other basic things, I need to know if I can use the Serial Monitor with the Arduino IDE to communicate with the microcontroller. Are there equivalent ports to Arduino's TX and RX?

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If you mean communicate with the Attiny45, then you can use the
TinyDebugSerial. You get the serial output on PB3 (physical pin 2)

you can only use speeds 9600, 38400 and 115200 for example



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Having done that you need to convert the 5v serial to USB with a serial->USB converter like the FTDI cables.

Are there equivalent ports to Arduino's TX and RX?

No, although the USI can be forced to look a bit like a UART.

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The TinyDebugSerial that is part of the core maps to the Serial class, so you can write a sketch that sends data from the tiny to your computer, but not receive it.  The core only supports transmitting to the computer.  Depending upon the speed used the transmit pin changes. When the speed is 16MHz, the transmit pin is PB2 (pin 7) and for speeds of 8MHz or less it is PB3 (pin 2)

It also only supports speeds of 9600, 38400, or 115200 baud and they can't be specified as a variable.


You could try SoftSerial library.  Be careful with the baud rate vs clock speed of your ATtiny.

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