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I need to build a set of 8 pushbuttons with built-in LEDs. After messing around with breadboards I'd like to make something more permanent. After laying out the base components on a perfboard and drawing some lines in Photoshop, I got a bit overwhelmed by the potential mess of wires (cf. photo).

Admittedly very simple, this is my first "serious" circuit. But the number of wires dangling from the back promises to be quite large... I'd appreciate some advice from those who've already built some: how to avoid a total mess behind the perfboard, how to optimize layout etc. Maybe there are some "helper" components I should know about?

Thanks a lot.


Think about running the horizontal and vertical parts of the paths on two different sides of the board.
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Things can get to looking messy but still be OK from an electrical standpoint. Here are a couple recent threads along similar lines. BTW, interesting buttons, where did you get them?

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It's funny, I showed a button like that to a guy in an electronics shop, and he said, "Great looking buttons, where did you get them?"...

Actually they were 20 for two euros at an electronics shop counter in Paris (France). While looking for specs I did a Google Image search for "LED pushbutton" and found a site with something similar here. The ones I have look a lot like the one on the bottom right, except the LED is red and not orange.

Small issue: they're not really perfboard or breadboard friendly -- as the LED contacts are off-center you have to twist them slightly to make them fit (cf. photo). I really don't know who's responsible for this...

Can't be more specific I'm afraid.


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