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I am trying to get the Bye Bye Standby 2011 to work with an Arduino Duemilanove.

The Bye Bye Standby 2011 is a mains socket that is turned On and Off using a 433 MHz remote. This works excellently and I now wish to control it using a transmitter and receiver via the Arduino.

I have built the receiver and transmitter and they seem to be working well but I cannot receive any information from the Bye Bye Standby 2011 remote control using the code found in Link 4 (see below). I need to find the address that the remote sends to the socket so that I can then retransmit this from the Arduino.

From the information I have gathered the code on the webpage http://code.google.com/p/homeeasyhacking/ may not be complete and possibly there are still issues?.

I am looking for information on anyone that has used the Bye Bye Standby 2011 and can transmit or receive from them using an Arduino. Also if anyone has any information on the protocol. (Link 2) has the protocol but I would like to confirm that it actually is correct?.

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your time.



Link 1: The Bye Bye Standby 2011 sockets are here

Link 2:  The protocol is here

Link 3:
I have submitted a issue here

Link 4: (HomeEasy.zip)


Hi Gary!
Found your post and I thought that maybe we could solve the problem together. I am using NEXA system (Swedish) which is not so different from ByeByeStandby and HomeEasy. I have tried the links that you mention (before finding your post) but nothings there seems to work; old sketches, broken links, old libraries... the problem inherent to this wonderful system.

So I am in no better stance than you but together we might get somewhere!?

All the best

PS. I will be away for holidays for one week or so but will look here asap. Otherwise <jsp@desousapires.com> Best regards/Jorge


Hi Jorge,

Sorry for the delay, yes it is frustrating as these are excellent products at a good price.

I had to open one of the bye bye standby 2011 units and was very impressed with the quality inside. ( I am an a electronics engineer).

I have limited time to work on this at the moment but I will keep trying to get it working! But my software skills are limited.

If anyone else would like to contribute as well, that would be great as they are very good products.




Have either of you tried RCswitch?  http://code.google.com/p/rc-switch/

It doesn't mention the bye bye standby protocol, but I have it working with NEXA, and it doesn't mention that either.


HI Qwerdy,

Thanks for that, don't have time to try it yet but will try it over the weekend. had a brief look at the code and does seem similar!



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