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im trying to calculate the distance measured from a starting point. i have interfaced the accelerometer usng arduino uno and obtained the reading on all 3 axes. i have considered the acceleration reading to be constant over the sampling interval and used that to calculate distance. this is the code.
float xdist;
float ydist;
float zdist;
const float g = 9.8;
const float xysampt = (1/6000);
const float zsampt = (1/3400);
void setup()
void loop()
  int xip=analogRead(A0);
  int yip=analogRead(A2);
  int zip=analogRead(A4);
  int Xin= xip-356;
  int Yin= yip-383;
  int Zin= zip-464;
  float xvolt= (Xin*5)/1024;
  float yvolt= (Yin*5)/1024;
  float zvolt= (Zin*5)/1024;
  float xacc = (xvolt*g*100)/0.8;
  float yacc = (yvolt*g*100)/0.8;
  float zacc = (zvolt*g*100)/0.8;
  float xvel = xacc * xysampt;
  float yvel = yacc * xysampt;
  float zvel = zacc * zsampt;
  float xdisp = xvel * xysampt;
  float ydisp = yvel * xysampt;
  float zdisp = zvel * zsampt;
  xdist += xdisp;
  ydist += ydisp;
  zdist += zdisp;
  Serial.print("xaxis cm=");
  Serial.print("yaxis cm=");
  Serial.print("zaxis cm=");
im getting the acceleration reading from the accelerometer. but im not getting the distance reading from this program. please tell me what my mistake could be


hi, i'm also a newbie trying to use an accelerometer.
as far as i know, i don't think it can measure distance - just the position it is in, relative to vertical (upright), horizontal(level) and "falling ?"


it doesnt measure distance.. just the instantaneous acceleration.. im trying to calculate the distance using that.

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