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Topic: Simplest/Slowest/Cheapest/(50meter range) to Interface to Arduino? (Read 642 times) previous topic - next topic


I'm thinking of gloves which have several led's, and you hand out or buy the gloves and you can make your friends or your own glove, make your glove glow orange for Jane, green for Shelly, red for paul, etc...
and then interface that with Arduino to add effects, remote messaging, simply data streams, something to transfer a few k's at most, but a distance would be nice.... anyone know of cheap way to do this?..

I think adults and kids could have fun, esp in the winter time you could give it commands to carry out without you needing to to a thing eg through an accelerometer, maybe in arctic conditions the same principal could be applied, or special wavelengths which we can't even see for military use using IR cameras....


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To get 50m range, you might look at the low-baudrate 430-Mhz transmitters
and receivers. The rest of it mainly involves putting together a lot of basic
microprocessor stuff, leds, sensors, etc. Probably be fairly simple, may not be
as cheap as you'd like.


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