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Sorry. I meant to say either a router with a network ethernet cable shield or just an arduino wifi shield alone.

Which wifi shield were you referring to in that post? And what kind of range could I get from it. Say I'm on the third floor of an apartment building and the arduino is on the first floor. Would I have a good connection with the wifi shield?

Thank you for your help florinc

Thank drone creates its own wifi network that has a pretty good range. I want my arduino to create its own wifi network with a good range too but I need more than just line of sight. I need it to go through a wall or two and still have good range.


Which wifi shield were you referring to in that post?

I don't know what the Parrot quadrocopter uses for WiFi.

I personally used the WiFly:
Its range should cover 2-3 floors, I would think, considering its Tx power consumption (about 200mA).


This is probably stupid. But could I increase the range slightly if I had a longer larger higher antenna? OR does the antenna have to be a specific length?


The antenna is tailored for the frequency (2.4MHz).
Range depends on many things, even the orientation of the antenna.
If your Arduino-based device is not mobile and WiFi is not necessarily required, you should also consider the networking through power lines.


I guess I will just have to buy it and see. Will purchase this tomorrow:


The WiFly you just pointed to has an XBee footprint, therefore requires an XBee shield.
If you want to use it directly with Arduino, consider the WiFly shield:

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