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Have anyone used LM386 as amp for the headphone output of the Mp3trigger? I'm breadboarding it now and it's seem that I'm getting really distorted levels and weak. I've tested with speakers ranging from 0.1W to 1 W 0.3W 8 ohm speaker and it all sounded distorted. Could it be the Lm386? What other diy amp would anyone recommend?



Are you using the LM386 with dual rails (like +5V and -5V) or single rail (0V and +5V)?

If you are using a single-rail power supply, are you biasing the input to 1/2 the supply voltage?

If you ca borrow and oscilloscope you can see if the audio is clipping (gain too high) or half-wave (hitting one of the output limits).
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I don't quite understand what you mean. Well I'm powering the lm386 with a 9V battery.

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