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I have vinculum 2 based plate vinco
I need to configurate general purpuse timer(may be 2 timers) as a counter, but can't find any example of information how to do it.
So if you have such experience or know good information - please, help.



Aside from having roughly the same form factor as an Arduino the Vinco bears no relation to the Arduino.  You will have to get the VNC2-64Q datasheet to learn about any counter/timer functionality that processor might have.
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Yes, I know, that common is only form-factor.
Vinculum datasheet is not like avr...
There is no usefull information about timers:(


Page 335 of this http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/AppNotes/AN_151%20Vinculum%20II%20User%20Guide.pdf user guide talks about the 4x timers contained on the Vinculum2 chip. As this is not an Arduino (or even an Amtel) device I cannot really help beyond this.
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I understood that vinco timers don't have their pin...

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