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Hello, I just got a couple of quick questions :)
I got an arduino UNO and want to hook it up to a Rover 5 robotplatform(http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10336) which I haven't bought yet but however. Do I need some kind of motor shield to be able to hook it up to the arduino or can I manage to do it without one or will it be to difficult? If I need a motor shield how does the hook up work?
Thanks so much!


Check this out:



Like we posted in your other thread about the same subject, yes you need a motor shield or other motor controller. The arduino can not provide enough current to power motors. Which motor controller is up to you. The wiring and communication is different with every controller so we can't give you advice on how to hook it up without knowing which shield you have and how you want to run it.

The important things to note when getting a dc motor controller is the current that it needs to provide for the motors. The datasheet with the rover says the motors have a no load current of about 160 mA. This means that each motor will draw at least 160 mA of current and most likely more. The other important measurement is the stall current of a motor as this is when the motor will draw the most current (and be most likely to burn up your controller). I did not see this measurement on the data sheet so you may have to measure this yourself.

Since the rover5 has four motors you may need multiple controllers to control all of them (the arduino motor shield can only control 2 brushed dc motors). You may also want to look at how many pins your controller will need. Some controllers communicate through serial and may only need 1 pin to feed it instructions. Others like the arduino motor shield can use up to 4 pins per motor (less if you don't use all the features). If your controller uses a lot of pins, you will have less pins available for other uses.


Thanks for the reply!
So the Rover 5 got four motors but could I use the Arduino motor shield http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE5NzkwODA0.html to use only two motors to start with if I want to make it simple at the beginning? Or will that be to heavy for the motors?
I'm not sure what kind of dc controller I should get elseway, do you suggest any perticular?
This guy http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,82618.0.html isn't he only using two motors to start with? :)


The arduino motor shield would be capable of running two of the motors on the rover 5 platform.

This guy http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,82618.0.html isn't he only using two motors to start with? smiley

I haven't read through that thread entirely, but Nick is using a controller built specifically for the rover5 platform. It can individually control up to 4 motors and their encoders and would also be a good controller for your project.

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