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I was trying to get some information on shift registers, but mostly tutorials concentrate on a single chip, not mentioning how it compares to others.
I'm looking for a SIPO shift register "buffered" (don't know the actual term - one that engages new register value on command, not at all times while shifting)

Are there any choices? Any variations among them? Is more than 8 bits common? Are there any meant for heavier than TTL load?


Yes on all your questions. What are you looking for, specifically?
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I'm looking for options at bulk, cheap extension of Arduino output count. For instance, to drive led arrays on moving parts, where wire count is at premium. Connecting shift registers in series seems like a good solution. It'd be great if those outputs would have power rating of Arduino pins. Also it'd be great to find one-chip solution for switching substantial loads at different voltage, say 4V@250mA or 12V@1A, though I imagine that definitely wouldn't be cheap.

Edit: in general it'd be great just to have chip names to Google for to get understanding of available variations :)



Take a look at TIPC6A596

Great! Should to do the trick, thanks. I wonder how I didn't add word "power" when Googled :)

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