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I am having an issue with installing the drivers for my recently purchased arduino leonardo. My computer, running windows 7, registers the device and I followed the steps to direct the device to the drivers, however it will not install them. I am using the arduino 1.0.1 software, and my computer works with the Arduino Uno. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


What happens when you try to install them?


It says "Windows could not find driver software for your device" even after I direct it to the drivers folder.


Hmm... what do you see in the Device Manager for the Leonardo?  Is it an official Arduino Leonardo (others may have different USB IDs and require different driver files)? 


Ya it says Arduino Leonardo and it says that on the chip itself.


Can you provide the VID and PID numbers for the board as given by Device Manager?


Ya here they are. USB\VID_2341&PID_8036


I am having exactly the same issue, with the same VID


clamon and alfoe,

Please try this:
0. connect the Leonardo directly to the computer's USB port (not through a hub).  also, disable any virtualization or security software that may intercept USB traffic.
1. open Device Manager and scroll down to the Leonardo icon
2. press reset on the board
3. as soon as the Leonardo icon reappears, double-click to open its dialog
4. this should be the settings dialog for the bootloader not the sketch (the two modes look different to the OS).  confirm by checking that the VID/PID is 0x2341/0x0036 (not 0x8036)
5. try installing the driver for the bootloader by pointing Windows to the drivers/ folder

While you're doing this you'll see the bootloader disconnect and the sketch connect in its place.  That's alright - as long as you leave the bootloader dialog open everything should work fine. 

Once you finish installing the bootloader driver you'll need to install again for the sketch.  It should succeed this time.


Hmm I did as you said, however when I tried to install the drivers for the bootloader it says that they arduino leonardo drivers are up to date and then when I try and install them not for the bootloader it still says it can not find them. I did make sure the ID was 0036 and not 8036 as well. Any advice?


Clamon, I know it has been some time but did you ever find a solution for this?  I've heard a few other people having this problem on Win7 and am trying to get it solved.  Any information you can provide would be very helpful:
* Win7 architecture (32- or 64-bit)
* make and model of your computer
* are there any hubs between the computer and the Leonardo?


I have not yet found a solution. Its a windows 64 bit, Dell XPS, and no there are no hubs.


I have exactly the same problem T.T


I'm having this issue as well...
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