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I just bought an Uno R3 a few weeks ago, and since it often sits on top of my laptop, I figured to put some standoff pins to raise it up, so it didn't sit straight on top of the laptop.  I bought some 10mm standard standoff pins at Radio Shack, which comes with standard M3 x 4.5mm screws for attaching the standoffs.  3 of the standoffs attach with no problem.  However, the 4th one is problematical, in that the hole next to the AREF pin is so close to the header, that the screw head won't fit in straight. And even if I somehow were to get the screw in, perhaps by sanding down the header, the standoff will bump into the solder join for the AREF header.

Unfortunately the position of the 3 remaining holes is not stable.  It would have been nice if the board had been designed to take standoffs and the one hole move slightly towards the reset button.  Perhaps putting a hole in the center of the board would help also.


I agree about the holes.
Maybe try some self retaining nylon things like this.
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