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Hi, first off I'm completely new here so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place, it seemed like the most appropriate place to ask this question.

I've got a Teensy 2.0 which I have been playing around with using teensyduino+Arduino 1.0.1 .

What I am ultimately wanting to achieve is a game controller which can receive outputs from my own program on the pc through USB (similar to the Flightsim example but with my own program in place of Flightsim X). I have managed to interface with my program using the RawHID example included in teensyduino but in order to use the raw data as a game controller I imagine I'd have to write windows drivers etc which is beyond my capabilities. What I'd rather be able to do is use functions from both the RawHID library and Joystick library (not sure if library is the right word but it's a similar concept).
Would I have to:

1. Write an entirely new library from scratch? (beyond my capabilities for now but I might be able to just about manage using the sources from RawHID and Joystick)
2. Program purely in C using WinAVR? (I guess I should learn how to do this eventually anyway but I don't want to jump right in with trying to use USB)
3. Have somebody tell me there's a nice easy way to do it? (definitely my preferred option  :P )

Thanks in advance.


Hmm...since I got no response here, does anybody know of a more teensy specific forum I could try? Or is here the best place to ask teensy related questions?


Hey i do not have a straight answer for your questions,
But I would really dig a corner on this forum dedicated to teensy,
I got a couple questions about the usbMidi library!

just saying that a teensy forum would be awesome!


Yeah it sure would.

If anybody is interested I managed to make a new USB type by combining the RawHID source files with parts of the USB joystick source files and editing some of the descriptors. Then had to edit some of the Arduino source files to get it to recognise my new USB type but it all worked in the end so I'm happy.


just saying that a teensy forum would be awesome!

No point telling us. Tell the Teensy manufacturers.


Still interested?
Getting rawHID and joystick together isnt a big deal. However it is a big deal to open the rawHID device cause of the mulitreport. I couldnt get the PC side working :S

Check this out:

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