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For a project, I need to use a servo to turn some dials to certain positions. Thus, I need to be able to set the position of the servo, not the rotation speed/direction. How can I do this? (what servo will I need)


You might want to look into motorised potentiometers, they sound ideal for what you want.

Other than that, setting a specific post tion is pretty much what servos are for...


Thanks! I had seen something on potentiometers, but wasn't sure if that's exactly what I needed. I assume I need a digital servo, correct? I had an analog servo, but after testing it and reading up, I couldn't get it to set the position right. And do you have any specific recommendations on good servos with potentiometers?


You should be able to use an analogue servo, or a digital one. The difference is in the internal working of the servo. Using them is the same in either case.


How accurate angular positioning you need?  Regular servo is unlikely to provide any better than 5-10 degree.


5 degrees should be sufficient. 10 might do it - I'll have to do a little testing.


A standard servo should be able to get ~1 deg resolution.
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