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Is there another IC like the TPS92550?  It has a built-in inductor, flyback diode, driver, and output capacitor.  I'd like to design my circuit around this chip but I'd like to have a back up option if the part is out of stock.

450mA 14W Constant Current Buck LED Driver Micro-Module


(and it's a lot cheaper)


Yup - it's a winner.  For lower power stuff, look at their CAT4109.

I've been driving ~10W here:

They're efficient enough that I put THREE of them on a 5cmx5cm board with only a solid GP and a small heatsink each.  Very small.   Like the kind used for ram.


That's a linear regulator but it works for me.  The CAT4101 seems like it would be difficult to source.  The TLE4309 is looking good for me right now.


I've had good luck with the A6260. If you're looking for something with more power someone else on the board had used a STCS1 (up to 1.5A) and that chip looks pretty common.

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