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Moved from the sensors category. This camera PCB looks promising.

Here is the original thread:

Thanks hackhd for introducing this to the group.

Here is hackhd's original post:

We just got our first shipment of HackHD camera boards in. They are pretty much like the GoPro and Contour cameras but they have 9 screw pin terminals to plug everything into it such as the power source, LED, microphone, video out cable, and of course the button. This makes them multi-purpose and especially popular for hobby applicaitons. I wanted to offer you arudionoers here a good deal on them in exchange for hopefully posting some cool code and projects that we can publish on our website. Since the camera uses one button operation to record, stop, turn on, etc, when the button is grounded, the Arduino could easily be used to control that button and hook up to a variety of sensors, motion, light, etc..

I would love to get some feedback and suggestions from the board. I have been a long time Arduino user and designed this board based on the being a great accessory for it. This camera is the real deal as far as quality goes, you can see some comparison videos on our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/hackhdcamera?feature=mhee. This isn't meant to be spam or an advertisement, I really want the Arduino community helping out with this project and I will remove any links or references if asked.


i think to get people involved it would help to explain ways of how to comunicate with the cam

did you make some 'pins' on the camera so its data can be readout ?
The arduino can speak SPI, .. but i think for video its best to do nothing with the data, its to much I/O for arduino.

However people might make robots or flying droids and use your camera to send back video..
Maybe you can create some kind of wifi module to it / or other broadcast transmission method.
That would be especialy interesting for those who make flying droids based on arduino; they want light weight camera's.

the data would probably not directly processed by an arduino (it might process still images)..
but still i think arduino's dont run openVNC, most likely a real computer would run openVNC (arduino is a micro controller).
Arduino might be able to turn it on / of based on sensors coupled on the arduino board.


Yah it wouldn't work to transfer video data through the arduino but the arduino could be used to trigger the camera in hundreds of ways. It would also be nice to get the video to transmit wirelessly to have a wireless viewfinder on the other end. There was a chip I got that transmits the video (forgot the name) but I am still trying to figure it out.

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