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Hi all,

Sure im a newbie in the Arduino world, but wud like to experience with this amazing kit.

Before i buy the corresponding Arduino board (MicrocontrolLer) i would kindly be seeking some help from you people please, i will be ever grateful.

The thing is as such:

I need to design an automatic greenhouse monitoring system, to keep it simple i have chosen the following parameters to control:
1.Ambient Temperature of Greenhouse - - Ventillation will be activated
2. Humidity of Soil - - Irrigation pump to start on and off
3. Light intensity - - Control of light within the greenhouse.

(subject to change according to progress of research and availaibility)  :)

My objectives is to design such an automatic control for the Greenhouse and i need to have a user interface as well, can say a data monitoring system, but here for e.g. the set point of temperature must be accessible to the greenhouse user for change dependant upon plant being cultivated.

I will need to  design some sort of presets for specific plant also (seems tough part), not yet work on that part.

My question is can i do the above project with Arduino microcontroller ( the control im sure i can) but the interface, is there a means od SCADA system or HMI, to facilitate the interaction of the user and the various control parameters.

Any suggestion from you will be appreciated.  :)


Looking forward. 



An Arduino can certainly help you achieve what you've explained.  Googling the terms Arduino SCADA results in a lot of hits, including this page which seems to be what you're looking for.

All the best ! Geoff
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I doing a System for Aquaponics and Hydroponics greenhouses. First try to run the greenhouse by hand for a while, to see, what is needed and then think about, what you need. It's not done with switching light or pumps on sensor values. The interface has to be able to give the user all possibilities to set it up him self. You don't want to flash your board every time you need to change something.
Take a look at my website. Since 3 month i am coding, planing and building it up and i think it will take another half year to get usefull output that i can use for the setup.



There are a lot of things to consider here but let's start with the HMI.

At this point we don't know what the user needs to access but I'd say you need at least a 16x2 LCD (larger would be better) and a few buttons.

One of our members (luidr) has some hardware and software to do this


That may be a good place to start.


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