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Jack Christensen

My background is in systems engineering and embedded systems, where Direct Memory Access is the more common meaning (and has been for at least thirty years); I'd never seen dynamic memory allocation referred to as DMA.

Dontcha hate those overloaded acronyms! (Direct memory access is the first thing I'd think of too.)
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Is this a genuine development environment, or just a hobby playground? Is Arduino a trustworthy babysitter for my kiln?

It is a hobby playground. I absolutely would not rely on it to control a safety critical system without taking responsibility on myself to assess the potential failure modes for the system as a whole and the associated safety implications. For a potential fire hazard such as a kiln, in my mind this calls for a system design which does not have a single point of failure.
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I'll try an analogy:

In reality, it's not a very apt analogy because anyone with much experience working with memory restricted microprocessors knows that using dynamic memory allocation is just a bad idea, period.  Since Strings use dynamic memory allocation, nobody with much experience uses them, hence why the bug is receiving little attention.

If it was up to me personally, I'd just remove the String class entirely.  I'll never use it myself and I'll never recommend it to anyone else either.  In my view, its nothing more than a booby trap for novices.


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Nick Gammon

I find the overall experience puzzling, and worrying. There is a known serious bug right at the heart of the project, the dynamic memory allocation ...

I was hoping personally that the bug would be fixed in version 1.0.1. Apparently not. The developers who are in charge of changes (that's not me!) have a lot of things on their plate such as the various Arduinos, the Leonardo, the USB chips, the libraries, and keeping the forum running. No doubt they have their own set of priorities. Your bug report may help influence that.

I've added a note to the "read this before posting" sticky, with stronger wording about the dangers of using dynamic memory allocation.

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