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I thought i had my circuit all worked out until i realized the 12 volt power supply was too much for the attiny... Can someone help me I need the power for my leds but i don't know what to do about the attiny


the simple way of doing it is unsing an 7805 regulator with 2 small caps.

look for 7805 regulator schema on google.

an exemple : http://calogerolombardo.altervista.org/mydoc/schema_7805.jpg



Grag38 is right about using a 7805 to regulate your power for the attiny.

Are you using 12 volt led's? If so, you can not run them directly from the attiny chip.
You will have to use either a transistor or an optoisolator to run the led's off of the 12 volt source.


If you are using normal LED's then you don't need 12v or even 5 volts--you can power your circuit from a pair of AA batteries.  Use a resistor value of around a 100 ohms if you use a pair of AA's.

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