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I took apart an old clock radio (and by old, I mean between 3 and 5 years) and salvaged an LCD screen.  It can only display numbers and you can see a faded "88:88" outline if you know what I'm talking about (all digital clocks have them if you look at it at the right angle).  It has exactly 24 wires soldered to it across the bottom (not in the corner) and they aren't labled.  I have no idea how to hook this up to my arduino.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!


What you have is the display itself... is it just a piece of glass with pins on it to solder into a PCB? or is there a little brown PCB attached to it? W/O the PCB it will take a great deal to get it working as it takes a non dc signal to drive it. The device like most if not all LCD type displays is very much like a capacitor, to turn on a segment the segment and the backplane are switched on and off 180 deg apart (out of phase, no dc) at a high enough rate so as not to flicker... to turn off a segment the segment and the back plane are switched 0 deg apart (in Phase no dc) The displays must be driven that way, dc across the backplane and any segment will destroy the segment. a CD4543 is a typical old driver and Intersil made some drivers for DPM's  and some early DMM's (They were big on those things in those days) I made some for an instrument I designed about 6 years ago but I cannot remember for sure what the number was exactly They built a number of clock chips with the same drivers in about the same time late 70's early 80's. If it doesn't have the driver board, post the number off of that 40 pin chip it was wired to...

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