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Topic: Suppliers that list prices as 'Request A Quote'. What's up with that? (Read 980 times) previous topic - next topic

James C4S

Having spent my entire career in either Sales or Marketing, I can understand why suppliers do it but don't like it at the same time.

1.  It is so that competitors have a harder time learning the sales price.
2.  Depending on who the customer is, the price may change.  e.g. Military customers get a different price (and service level) than Education customers.
3.  Requesting a quote indicates a high level of interest in a product.  If you are willing to request one, you're probably also very willing to buy.
4.  Qualification.  It can be determined if you are a potential customer. 
5.  Lead gathering.  Sales (and Marketing) love having people's contact information.

Of course, the practice makes it harder to purchase something, but that's the trade off the seller makes.
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