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Hello, I'm fairly new to programming, but I'm experienced with electronics, which is why I need to hire a programmer to help me with an infrared distance measuring device.

Essentially I want to be able to tell the device how far I want to get away from the wall (shorter distances) and I want it to alert me when I reach that distance.  Here's how I want it to work...

- Turn on the device.
- Use a free spinning knob dial to adjust the distance on a display.  For example, if I want to get 3 cm away from the wall, then I would adjust the dial to 3 cm.
- There will be 3 separate buttons to change the distances to cm, mm, or inches.
- After the distance is set, one would place the device against the wall, and hit a calibrate button that zeroes the sensor as well as turning on a small red LED.
- When one starts to pull away from the wall, the red LED turns off and another green LED turns on with low intensity. 
-  As one approaches the desired distance, the green LED gets more intense.
- When the distance is reached, the green LED starts to blink quickly.
- One can then place it against the wall again, and use the calibrate button to reset it.

If you're interested please email me at ztjust@gmail.com.  Thank you for any potential help.  I'm just lost and I really want to get this project done. 


Programming the Arduino to do what you want is relatively simple, once you have chosen the appropriate sensor. What sensor have you chosen? What accuracy are you getting/expecting?
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I have sent you an email. Anyways at that range of distance you might use ultrasonic sensor and also it is cheaper.
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