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Have a look at Design Spark PCB. It's free and has no size limitations.



If you run Windows, I prefer Target3001!.

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I started with Kicad because it's open source but I soon became aware that Eagle seems to be the "defacto" standard for most DIY projects found on the web. Being a newbie at electronics I often try to find a circuit design I can adapt to my needs. Doing this also has the advantage of being able to get a feel for layout design.
There are also a large number of tutorials for Eagle that I've found very useful. And I haven't yet exceeded the size limit.


Couldn't get used to Eagle, using DipTrace nowadays and trying to get into KiCad (according to Laen from OSHPark--formerly called the DorkbotPDX PCB service--KiCad has overtaken Eagle in popularity with hobbyists submitting boards to his service)

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