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Yes, split them up as there is no way you can get 40A through the first strip.

So how much can the strip take? I need to find a small outdoor power supply, or can I use a big one and somehow portion out the power?
Is there a way to divide a 20A output to 10x2A outputs?




If you have a 20A 5V power supply (at payable costs you get these usually only in PC power supplies), you can just have multiple wires going to the feed points of your strip.


I am about to work with 33 x 60 cm strips

How are these 33 strips wired together? If they are paralleled and controlled independently then you could reduce power needs by scanning 


then you could reduce power needs by scanning 

Assuming you mean multiplexing.

Yes but that also reduces the brightness.


Well when you say series rather than parrallel then your drawing 1.2 amps but at 165 volts
which isn't that bad if you get/build a hv supply than with regular diodes and a few caps that can handle the voltage you can power them all nicely right from the mains ac(once rectified and filtered it comes out to 167ish volts), althouth I don't know how the results would be in series with those strips since there already in series/parrallel
This would help as I doubt you have 8 or 6 gauge wire in those strips to handle that 40 amps

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