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I won't run anything at 100% and never all LEDs at the same time.

would this do it?
5V 20A 100W, MeanWell SP-100-5

Again, I have 33 x 60cm strips in series. So how often do I need to power them, every 5m? that would mean 4 or powerpoints.



You do attach them serially but the power consumption is parallel because the strip contains the controlling chips, you just have to supply enough current and control the chips with a special kind of shift register.

If you're sure that never 100% of the LEDs are at full power you can go for the 20A power supply. 4 supply points are probably not enough. I'd go for at least 10 supply points giving 2A each which is probably more than enough for the flexible printed connections on the strip. I have real wires between my LED elements and with 2A per supply point the wires get remarkably warm but not hot.


Ok I have a plan, thanks!


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