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I learned abacus in grade school. You still have to memorize all the rules to calculate. It's an amazing adding machine that lots of accounting (adding subtracting) were done with abaci in the old days. There would be a gaint agacus spanning the desktops/countertops of several clerks. They would each use a section to do their accounting. It would get loud just with the beads hitting one another and the bars.

Hahaha, I used punch cards too! But only for bookmarks. My boss had a big box of those in his lab. People would occasionally grab a few for scratch paper or bookmarks. My first programming experience was BASIC on apple 2. "call -151" for ???  ;D
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nobody would want to program something like a GUI based operating system in assembler!

Take a look at http://www.menuetos.net and be amazed  :o

Looking at the output of ps axl on my Linux box and realizing that I have no idea what half of the processes are doing, it easy to see why I like Arduino.

My nick "drhex" comes from the days when I wrote Amiga Assembler in straight hex code as data statements in a basic program, because I disliked the Seka assembler...  Got it to do mandelbrot calculations at 10000 iterations/second when compiled C with the floating point libraries did only a tenth of that!

Now with Arduino, I can have detailed clockcycle-control again!


I learned BASIC on a Trash 80 in high school.  The highlight was a game I made that was like a slot machine .  You placed a bet and pulled the "handle".  I actaully tried to sell it for a couple of bucks on ... wait for this... a cassette tape!

Programminng an Arduino on a MAC is so much easier.

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