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But I can see it blink right in front of me :PMaybe that 266V was also a multimeter error :P
what say?


I am also surprised as I can see it blinking here,the arduino should have been cooked by such a voltage :Pmayb that 266V was also junk by the multimeter......


Yeah exactly :)but should it be like that.......I am very much worried if anything has happened to my arduino,so am asking :smiley-roll:

Get a new meter (with new measurements) and then ask questions about what might have happened.
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Funny, I first misread his post to say 2.66VDC Not 266..


I had a digital meter that was giving garbage readings like that. Turns out the 9v battery dropped to 4v...
Try changing the battery.
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Yeah,same here battery was down and the reason for the junk :P
arduino is fine.
thank you.

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