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There's a training being held right here in dubai, for beginners. It's a two-day course, over the weekend, and you get to walk away at the end of it with your own Arduino starter pack. March 22nd and 23rd.
Contact info on the poster
Note: limited spacing, so its first come first serve!


Hello Dubai Arduino-ans

I am looking for Dubai people with Arduino experience for a very unusual project involving Arduino and ice-cream. Arduino would be utilized to control a very unique method of producing ice-cream... details to those who shout out to wissamharoun at hotmail dot com.

Thank You All!


i need arduino UNO in abu dhabi with servo motor...  so plz let me know if any of you can help me... my cell no is 0501339930
its too urgent  =(
i have already ordered online but that will take some time and i need it by 2mrw


You can find what you need in our website: www.zeroohm.ae

We will deliver the products to you in less than 2 days.


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hi all,

you can order the arduino boards from our site shop.edwinrobotics.com

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