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Mr Google hasn't been too helpful, so I thought I would ask here.

Although I am still working on a project, the next one is raising its head.

Watering plants.  Not rocket science, I know.

My "situation" is that I have a "reserve" of water in a tank and I have 5 plants/pots.  Different sizes/different needs for amount of water per pot.

My basic idea was to have a daily/set period to water them.

Call it daily only for simplicity.

Each day, the unit checks there is water in the tank, turns on a pump, opens solenoid 1 for x seconds, repeats for 2 to 5 then shuts down.

It doesn't need to be "high pressure" water, and a valve would be included so the water line could "vent" back into the tank if the line pressure was too high.

There would also be a "rain detector" so if it is "bucketing down" it doesn't water the plants.

When the water level gets below a certain point, it lights an LED and I know it is time to fill the tank again.


Nice. Did you select the parts (pump, sensors etc)?


No not yet.

I am trying (yeah, right) to keep it simple.

Basically there will be a pump; 5 (unless I get more pots) solenoids; a vent valve and a rain sensor.
Oh, sorry:  And an LED.

Sensors?  You mean for the rain detection?  No not yet.  Don't know how to detect rain electronically yet.


You mean for the rain detection?

If this is for outdoors, then why not use a sprinkler-kind-of-system powered on a timer?


The pots are "local" to me, and though are out doors, are not in a garden as such.

They are undercover and there is no way I can use sprinklers to water them.  Too wasteful.

This way I am using the water I gather (GREY water as it is called) and using it to water the plants if/when they need it.

Reading another thread, maybe instead of "rain detection" I put sensors in the pots with detect the moisture of the soil.
Basically two nails.  One to +5v, and the other an analogue input.

I'm still scoping the idea.

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