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Firstly I'd check which version of that motor you're talking about - there appears to be a 12V version (windings 50 ohms) and a 24V version (windings 150 ohms).  It claims to be unipolar but I can't see how many wires it is.

Anyway with H-bridge drivers you only need to connect as if bipolar to the four wires that are at the end of the windings (there are some caveats if its a 5-wire unipolar motor as opposed to 6 or 8)

And there are several sequences in which the windings can be driven (wave mode, full stepping, half-stepping).  For lowest power consumption wave mode only energises one winding at a time (but has lower torque). full stepping energises both windings, half-stepping is a combination of the two to get twice as many steps.

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Sorry, to clarify this motor is the 24v version with 4 wires. Which wires do I connect where? Which wires do I connect where? There is a brown, yellow, orange, and black, and output 1, 2, 3, and 4. Also where do you put the input? to the +5v or the +12v will it step it up to 24v?
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Also those settings like wave and half step, are those in the programming?
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