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I just got my Arduino LilyPad and now i would like to make a wearable thing. I have skiing jacket with lots of pockets. Once i saw a mp3 control soft keys ... but i think i cant do it with my player.
Maybe someone has a good idea what to make Lilypad do inside my winter jacket.  ::)


Illuminated turn signals (or maybe a scrolling message matrix) on the back of the jacket controlled from a little keypad on your cuff.



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inbuilt ultrasonic tape measure?

Funky Diver


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i was thinking about inbuilt mobile phone or walkie talkie, but these dont need Arduino to work.

Like this

Also some cool thoughts:
* inbuilt heart rate monitor
* inside / outside jacket temperature


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accellerometer to measure and log how fast you were going when you hit that tree ;D


Daft punk EL suit!!!

Okay, not neccessarily needing arduino, maybe make it sound responsive or have a built in synth controlled by "keys" sewn into the fabric.


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sciguy, nicee ... i wonder where could i wear DaftPunk costume :D :D New street fashion. gonna go to school like this :P

At the moment im thinking about the mp3 player soft buttons inside sleeve-pocket.. they are not sold in our country and i dont want to order it from foreign coutry... too long takes time..
I have Samsung Yepp player which is quite old... maybe iPod lets me do external controller....... just for changing to next track and volume buttons


You should also put a glowing white cross on the front.

Go French electronica!


The other day in a shopping mall, I saw someone selling T-shirts with guitar printed on them and you can play them with your hands. They also sell T-shirts with music spectral bars (A better word?!) that you can hook up to your mp3 player. I didn't blow my cover as a regular person to buy one of them ($35~$40USD). I might have been made right there  ;D
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liudr, thinkgeek.com has many t-shirts similar to what you're talking about - wearable drum kits, guitars, and so on.


Why not a "real" wearable? Couple an Arduino (maybe a Mega or something else bigger) with a Nokia color LCD and lens system for monocle HMD/HUD, add a chorded keyboard (or glove), GPS/accelerometer, and a cellular/wifi link shield...

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They also sell T-shirts with music spectral bars

I picked up a cyberdog t-quelizer for £2.50 in a charity shop once - looked like it'd never been worn.  I've worn it once.

It's a great idea, but I'm glad I paid £2.50 not £50 for it.


Have you seen Imogen Heap's twittdress ? I don't remember, but I think it was made with Arduino!

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