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After doing some projects on several arduino boards, I felt ready to try and use only the AT328P chip.
I found this great post:
And this led to some ebay ordering and that's the first step:

Then I thought to my self, hey it will be cool to have a proper board to place the chip into. So started to plan one, and here is the process and the end result.

First test of "Blink"

Testing the D 2 --> 13 by making a "running light".
I also tested the A0? 5 by placing a potentiometer and setting the speed of the
running light by reading the interval from the analog pin

The Aref pin is wired next to the 5V pin, and "short" by a jumper.

I added a ON/Off Switch.
Both of the build in LEDs: Power and Pin13, has a jumper, so you can disconnect them.
The chip was bought with an Duemilanove bootloader

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