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I have been working up to building a large, round, LED clock with 72 LEDs.

Since the project is too big for a circuit board, I have to wire the LEDs in place, in a large plastic ring.  I searched for hours, and hadn't found a suitable diagram for how to charlieplex 72 LEDs in a linear format, only matrixes, cubes, or circles.  Other diagrams I found only had up to 20 LEDs, and I guess I wasn't able to pick up on how to make it a line, vs. other shapes.  I did find a great diagram on clock-it.net, but it's colored, rather than numbered, and I am pretty bad with colors...

I think I figured it out.  Considering it only took me a half hour to figure and draw, I am surprised I hadn't found a similar diagram.

I hope this helps someone.  It sure helped me...

And thanks to everyone around here who has shared their efforts, so that others may save time or brain power.  This is a great community indeed!


Looks like a larger form of the 30LED one I found. Just trying my hand at 20LEDs right now.

My wiring works on the breadboard for 20.

I want mine linear too. But having trouble understanding the code for addressing each individually... want to use it for POV

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