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I Want to make for an audio live peformance,

a kind of piano / percussion robot, I specify I have six servomotor that I just want to control by midday note, one for each servo, so six midi notes, that it will allow me to drive with ableton live or Max msp, if you Have ideas of a simple and effective arduino code on this subject, I will not fail to quote you in the thanks of the designers who helped me to realize my project.


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A servo is an angular motor...   From what you've said you don't need to set-to a particular angle.  For example, you could use a servo to set the volume or tone knob on an electric guitar (although that's not the best way to adjust/set volume/tone digitally.)     Servos are also geared-down so it might be a little slow for a beater/striker.

You probably want a DC motor or a solenoid.  The difference/downside is that DC motors & solenoids don't have a built-in driver circuit. 

Or... I can imagine a piano-like instrument with the keys arranged in an arc.   A servo could be used to rotate a solenoid over the desired key before striking...  But that's not what you want.


thank you for your answers, actually the DC motor or solenoid can be a good idea and alternative DVDdoug, I will think about it, if you have links to code examples or relevant tutorials, it would help me a lot.

as for your video Grumpy_mike that's exactly what I wanted to do with the servomotor  percussion for the 6 strings, controlled by midi note cc, I bought your book is complete about it, but I was not able to adapt your code to my configuration with an arduino mega or uno

All the best to you


but I was not able to adapt your code to my configuration with an arduino mega or uno
Odd because it was a Uno project so it should not need any changing.

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