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@manmachine: Hm, I thought about my quick solution and it is wrong - the issue is that the buffer is completely empty when issuing play and that play first reads a whole sector of 512 bytes from card before it starts playback again. This should lead to a fast but not gapless start. I think it will need a bigger overwork to get around this. I could think about modifying the lib to read the sectors byte-wise which will make the lib slower but more flexible. Audio processing will then become possible like gapless playback, fine-tuned playback tempo and mixing. But the lib might be then not as simple to use as now.

@meow...: Please provide more info what is working and what not. Error code of lib or just no sound? Or just no sound in bigger software project?


   @Tuttut:Thank you for your reply.So, its going to be a different approach!Well,Could you post a FLOW CHART of the proposed lib implementation,what might be a possible solution.



Tuttut, thanks for the great library. I have an alpha release of my ChipKit port, BasicSDAudio, available on GitHub. I am also working on an amplifier board that would work for any PWM audio output.

Check out the release at:

another demo at:

and info on the amplifier/filter at:

I have yet to incorporate the 1.03 improvements.


I'd like to see/learn more about making this Awesome library better sounding with the use of filter/amp?

Small? (all SMD?)

Is there a schematic posted for it?

I am VERY happy Tuttut released this lib.. it was a HUGE missing part of the Arduino community (easy audio)..
but as 'stock' the volume is just 'meh'...  so it needs some filters and an amp for sure for more sound hungry projects..

still learning/finding my way through filters and amps..


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