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I also thought about that, but the thing is that it is hard to get a high quality playback if PWM runs not at an integer multiple of the sample rate. That is the magic behind my library and that is why I can get such good quality. With high-speed PWM as available in ATtiny85 then it makes more sense to use the original playback rate (as Elm-Chan does).


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WilliamK Govinda

WilliamK Govinda

I love this, thank you, sounds pretty good, a bit of hiss, so I have to see how to clean it up.


1) could you add an option for 20Mhz too? I got some 20Mhz crystals and ATmega328 chips lying around, wondering if at 20Mhz I could play stereo files better?

2) I did a PWM output that was nearly 10 bits, with a better audio. Check this out:

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