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I am trying to get higher speed for a stepper motor with this code below.

is there any other way I can get higher speed.

also I want to make speed decreasing gradually.

any advice?

Code: [Select]
//©2011 bildr
//Released under the MIT License - Please reuse change and share
//Using the easy stepper with your arduino
//use rotate and/or rotateDeg to controll stepper motor
//speed is any number from .01 -> 1 with 1 being fastest -
//Slower Speed == Stronger movement

#define DIR_PIN 2
#define STEP_PIN 3

void setup() {
  pinMode(DIR_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(STEP_PIN, OUTPUT);

void loop(){

  rotate(16000, .900);

void rotate(int steps, float speed){
  //rotate a specific number of microsteps (8 microsteps per step) - (negitive for reverse movement)
  //speed is any number from .01 -> 1 with 1 being fastest - Slower is stronger
  int dir = (steps > 0)? HIGH:LOW;
  steps = abs(steps);


  float usDelay = (1/speed) * 70;

  for(int i=0; i < steps; i++){
    digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, HIGH);

    digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, LOW);


You have already asked this question in another thread.
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Specifically here.

OP, you've already been asked not to cross-post.
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