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Hi. I'm creating a temperature sensor using Arduino. I need it to be able to send wirelessly when temperature is sense at the transmitter side and the receiver will be able to receive it with the Buzzer alarm, LED light up and LCD display and a Message to be received.
But I'm not sure how to do it.
Is there anyone that can help me?


How far apart?
Can use Tx module on one side and Rx on the other with Virtual Wire library.
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I'm stuck with the combining of the codes together. I only managed to combine the LED and buzzer codes.
I'm new to arduino and the forum also. So not sure how it really works. I'm doing a project when its able to sense our body temperature to detect if the person is having fever a not and if it does it will trigger wirelessly to another person through a message being sent to them and a LCD display to show them the temperature and a buzzer will alarm and the LED will light up too.

The components I'm using are Arduino Uno, Xbee, 16x2 LCD, Buzzer, LED and Sagem Module Hilo

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