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I submitted my "Double-A Data Logger" to Atmel's "Simply AVR" design contest. Check it out; if you like it, I will certainly appreciate a vote.

I can't seem to figure out a direct URL, so go to http://app.snapapp.com/simplyavrcontest, then click VOTE in the upper right.  My entry is first on the page right now, but I think it will move as new ones come in.

I'm glad to have any feedback on the project too, whether or not you vote. Thanks!


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I voted five times!
Good luck Jack

LOL, thanks very much, Lefty.  I'm not sure what to make of a contest that allows stuffing of the ballot box! An idea for an Arduino Ethernet client sketch did cross my mind. I could submit a second entry to the contest, "An AVR Contest Entry that Votes for Itself" :D

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