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[size=14]So what is the best thing (in your opinion) that you have done with Arduino board?[/size]

I begin with my recent project - talking temperature meter/monitor. Components i'm using are Arduino Duemilanove, temperature sensor LM35CZ and a small speaker. No shields or extra chips. Although sound quality isn't the best, for me its fine.
Here is the topic: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1277389233/0

Funky Diver

Turning it on for the first time and actually getting it doing something.  It was like kissing my first girlfriend :D


It was like kissing my first girlfriend  

In that case you weren't doing it right.  ;)



In that case you weren't doing it right.

I tried C, C++, and even Assembly, but she still won't kiss me, dammit! ;D


The First Time i got the LCD working....
Be The Change...


I once got 5 PCBs with LCD on them, plus other stuff, from a surplus store. I then tried to use my iron to take out the LCD. Made a big mess with the wrong (too big) soldering iron tip. Then I learned about desoldering irons and bought one from Radioshack. After a bit practice, I got all the LCDs, all 5 of them!, all HD44780, and all in mint condition (plastic film still on) with 40*2 characters. Tested them with arduino. Felt like a rich man for a split second with my stash of LCDs.

;D ;D ;D
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


Making my Arduino work with the wishield, and working as both client and server at the same time. :)
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Grumpy_Mike, that was really awsome. Nice that you made a video  ;)


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Having the idea of eventually buying the board is, for the moment, the only thing I did with the Arduino. (or the trademark) Im pathetic, I know, but I have more important thing to do....   ;(


Building a digital clock using a 4-digit LED display with a breadboarded Arduino. Figuring out display multiplexing and (clock) interrupt handling was fun. Keeps pretty good time too. :) That's the best I got right now.


Does a work in progress count?

GSM based tracking device.

I2C GPS Shield

Checkout my Open Source GPS Tracker on Kickstarter


GSM based tracking device.

I like your style!

Not as impressive, but fun nonetheless. Keypad-Interface to my alarm clock.


I've interfaced with Amiga/Megadrive/NES/SNES joysticks/gamepads.

That's it so far really. Bit low on ideas to be honest.


I've interfaced with Amiga/Megadrive/NES/SNES joysticks/gamepads.

My buddy at school interfaced an arduino to an NES. He used it to "play" the game from a predetermined "video" produced from an emulator. This required an SD card as well. However many fps(i think 25+) and 8bits for each frame(8 buttons) for the entire game! Pretty cool to watch it work. He ended up calling it his project for one of his classes...  

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